How to Market a Casino


Casino is a genre-defining Martin Scorsese movie. Its soundtrack, Sharon Stone’s performance, Pesci, De Niro, and a raw blur between Victorianism and modern finance are all iconic, but it also features a dichotomy between two equally dominant narrators. Ace (Ray Liotta) is a wise-guy street hustler, while Nicky (Lorraine Bracco) represents big business. Their interplay is a key part of what makes “Casino” so compelling, even though the story itself could be found in almost any Scorsese effort.

Casino marketing must include a range of strategies to address different needs and motivations of casino guests. For example, a casino should promote the availability of a wide variety of games to suit all tastes. It is also important to offer a variety of stakes, so that players from all budgets can find something suitable.

Moreover, casinos must also provide an array of non-gaming options and services. This includes a selection of restaurants, bars and cafes; entertainment options; and luxury hotel amenities. In addition, casinos should optimize their websites and content for search terms such as “events” and “group business,” to ensure that they are discovered by potential event planners. The use of beacons and other proximity marketing tactics can also help to boost this visibility. This way, casinos can compete with local hotels, restaurants and other attractions for group events and weddings. This helps to maximize revenue, and it shows that the casino has a unique offering. It also helps to establish a casino’s reputation in the industry.