Casino – The Movie About Greed and Tragedy


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The movie has a bravura set pieces and its own brand of filmmaking excitement, but it’s really Sharon Stone that spikes the movie with her unstoppable sexiness. Her character Ginger is a woman who revels in her power to seduce and control men. It’s a performance that both builds on and inverts her star-making turn in Basic Instinct, yet it feels entirely genuine.

Despite the movie’s depictions of avarice and corruption, Scorsese never succumbs to cheap sensationalism. He’s convinced that the mafia was right to have dominated Vegas in the past, but he has profound regret and skepticism about what it’s become today.

It’s this ambivalence about the place that makes it so compelling for many viewers. The story is anchored by the three main characters, but it’s the overall history of Vegas that’s unfolding behind them that is the real story. Casino may be a film about greed and treachery, but it’s also a testament to the ability of humans to survive even in the most brutal circumstances.