Side sleepers mattresses

Thursday , 15, October 2020 Comments Off on Side sleepers mattresses

One of the most common sleeping positions is side sleeping, which helps suppress acid reflux, eliminates snoring and alleviates sleep apnea symptoms. It is not unusual for side sleepers, however, to feel pain in their shoulders and hips due to the build-up of pressure in those regions. All of your weight is focused on your hips and shoulders while you sleep on your side. So, having a mattress that can fit this type of sleep is important.

Sleepwalking AS4

The preferred bed in a box by our editors for side sleepers is Sleepwalking AS4. Sleepwalking manufactures and offers five mattresses, each with a firmness range, and is recommended for sleeper styles. They specify that their AS4 is medium-soft on their website and is recommended for side and mixed sleepers respectively. Sleepwalking builds the AS4 in the comfort layer with four inches of pressure-relieving memory foam, allowing the shoulders and hips to sink in enough to get adequate pressure relief, but it is still adequately sensitive to keep you from sinking too deep. We’re sure that side sleepers will get safe, pain-free sleep on the AS4 with the top-notch materials Sleepwalking uses in their bed construction. Let ‘s talk about the reason why their AS4 is a side sleeper suit.

Sleepwalking AS5 Hybrid

If you’re a side sleeper looking for a luxuriously comfortable mattress, Sleepwalking ‘s hybrid style with its AS5 smooth feel is recommended. It has a bounce though soft that keeps you from falling in so deep that you get stuck in your bed. You may also consider a variant of the AS5’s memory foam mattress. We prefer the hybrid for its extra bit of lift offered by its coils, but for a side sleeper, both versions are excellent options. In an AS5 Hybrid, there are four layers. The topcoat is 3 inches of breathable, pressure-relieving Bio-Pur foam from Sleepwalking . You need not to sink in too far as you lie on top of it, due to the next sheet.


Zealai Mattress is next on our list. Zealai is designed to help athletes use their sleep in their day-to-day lives to perform better. Zealai, designed to encourage longer sleep cycles and quicker muscle regeneration, will help you wake up feeling relaxed every day and ready to take on the day. You will enjoy the sleep-promoting advantages Zealai has to bring, even though you are not an athlete. Those with recurrent irritation are recommended to use Zealai because it involves pain-relieving strategies that encourage good posture.

With these top-notch picks by our team at Simplyrest, you can put your pains to rest and have some amazing and full of sleep nights. Happy hunting!